A place-based design studio 

Where you’re from has a lot to do with where you go, and the ways in which you get there. Your people, they help shape you. The color of the soil. The smell of summer. Where your hearts pulls you even if your feet can’t quite get there.

I was born in Huntsville. Raised in Athens. And for a long time I made my name in other places. Celebrating other people and their stories. Over the years I’ve come to understand I’m more Alabama than I thought.

As a designer, I’ve found my voice designing brands and experiences that are anchored to place. Locations tell sincere stories. Some we know well. Others are waiting to be uncovered.

That’s what Villager is all about. The name and branding have been inspired by my home. The work I want to celebrate (and do more of) is work that can bring me back there. Or let me learn more about where you’re from. I want to spend more of my days working with good people who are trying to make a difference in good, hardworking places.

Reach out if you’d like to work together. I’d love to learn more about how you’re making it home. 

- Micah