A place-based design studio 

Whitt’s Barbecue

A fifty plus year old barbecue institution needed some design help. Having grown up on the stuff, and working there one summer in college, I was really excited to help out. And the design still looks pretty great with fifteen years of wear on it.    

Decatur, Ala. 
2007- Present

Bottle labels
Box design
Out of home

Hatch show print, baby! One of the Whitt’s went to Vanderbilt, and we’d often go up to Nashville to visit (and to Opryland). I wanted to channel that vibe as it just felt right.  

Execution Notes
To stay true to letterpress show print, each letter was hand set.  Photography and styling by Abraham Rowe.

☝🏻 Love these people with all my ❤️

Mark Whitt, President

In all the almost 60 years that we’ve been in business, the best thing I ever did was to call Micah! From our now famous Lunch Box design to our gift cards to our poster designs, just to name a few, Micah gave our business a long term shot in the arm. We call him “The Design Genius”. I really think he is also a “BBQ Genius “