A place-based design studio 


Universal Music Group’s new act, Ya’Boyz, needed quickturn artwork for digitial streaming platforms. 

Nashville, Tenn. 
2021 - 2022

DSP Artwork

The boyz had some great shots from Eric Ryan Anderson, but little else. But they each had style: one a bit of pop, one a scooch country, both a little bit NBA Jam. We used that to our advantage. 

Execution Notes
All found type. No fonts for the Boyz.

And then this
After a successful launch, we were asked again to create art for This-A-Way. Described as the perfect song to crank up for a field party, I went literal with it and took inspiration from old two-tone pickups. Perfect for summer. 
Easter Egg: Price is the Nashville area code

Dane Schmidt, daschent

This was my first time working with Micah, and it couldn't have been a better experience. I've since used Villager for other projects, and will continue to work with Micah whenever i can! 11/10 rating for customer experience, turnaround time and product.