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athenista stories / Creative Direction

In the first four years I'd been at athenahealth, it was wild ride. From a passionate founder who loved to poke the eye of the system, to a hostile takeover and ouster of that CEO, to a merger and private equity, to today. Needless to say, all that change has been reported in the market, and left impacts on internal athenistas and external candidates. Folks left – or stayed at arm's length.

One thing that has been consistent, though, is the mission. We're in the office every day to try and fix the broken parts of healthcare. That drive is bigger than any market force. 

I led the creation of this campaign to tell the true stories of athenistas, current and returning, and what caused them to show up every day. The campaign worked. Visits to our career pages were up 65% YOY.

We also lost some good folks to other opportunities. And some of those people came back. Here they are.